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The ASC photovoltaic battery charge controller is ideal for 1-4 solar panel systems. This unit offers unsurpassed protection to your batteries from overcharging. This rugged unit holds the record for high reliability since 1981. The standard ASC is UL recognized and is FM approved for hazardous locations. The ASC is also CSA approved for Canadian markets. Contact factory for specific information.



12 volt units: 4,8,12,16 amps

24 volt units: 8 and 16 amps

6, 36 and 48 volt units available

Switching shunt, pulse charging

Low switching frequency

No minimum operating voltage

Remote temperature compensation

10 amp LVD Relay

Contacts for generator start or alarm

Completely encapsulated for environmental protection

100% solid state charge control

Reverse leakage protection

Lightning protection

Input noise suppression

Low power consumption

Simple (low component count) with ruggeg circuitry

12 AWG terminal block (10 AWG stranded ok)

Charging light

 LVD activated light (with LVD)

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