IP57 Enclosures

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Bison ProFab manufactures high quality electrical enclosures that meet IP57 standards. International Protection (IP) standards are used to designate the protective capacity of an electrical enclosure. The two-digit code shows the protection against particles (the first digit) and water (the second digit).


IP57 Protection


•Protection for the enclosed equipment from dust and other materials such as dirt, oils and non-corrosives. Small quantities of dust can enter the enclosure, but the quantity of dust cannot impact the operation of the equipment.

•Protection from voltage and moving parts for people who come in contact with the enclosure

•Protection from water entering the enclosure in harmful quantities when it is submersed for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 3 feet

IP57 Enclosure Advantages


•Specialized materials, including aluminum alloys, stainless steel, galvanized steel and carbon steel, to meet your application requirements. Finishes available include wet coat and powder coat painting, anodizing and alodining.

•Security and tamper-resistant hardware

•Environmental controls, including thermostats, heat strips, air conditioning, passive or fan-assisted venting and insulation

•Light switches

•Viewing windows

•Fuse blocks and power panels

•Casters, support legs and risers

•Range of installation options, including free-standing, pad mounted, wall mounted, pole mounted and walk-in


Our IP57 equivalent enclosure designs are more flexible than "standard" IP electrical enclosure designs, providing top quality, easily customized cabinets that will perform well in your application. Our advanced designs and manufacturing processes enable our staff to customize your enclosure efficiently and economically, ensuring that it will meet your exact application requirements.


At Bison ProFab, we are committed to meeting the fast turnarounds and cost-savings you need without sacrificing quality and the high performance you would expect from your electrical enclosure with IP57 standards. We have built a reputation for providing customers with custom solutions at standard-model budgets.

Protection from Solids

Protection from Moisture

Complete Protection from any tools or objects (dust permitted - no harmful deposits)

This enclosure is not air tight and therefore only allows dust size particles in non-harmful quantities to penetrate.

Temporary immersion, 15 cm to 1m

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