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Bison ProFab is an industry-leading manufacturer of high quality NEMA rated metal electrical enclosures that can be customized for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Our product line of outdoor metal enclosures includes battery cabinets and boxes, electrical and electronic enclosures, traffic control enclosures, telecommunications cabinets, server enclosures, and industrial enclosures, cabinets and panels. Aluminum enclosures are generally our most popular configuration when constructing a metal cabinet although each material has advantages in different industrial applications.


Choosing Electrical Enclosure Materials


Bison ProFab generally designs and fabricates metal enclosures to customer requirements. However, there are times when customers solicit our recommendations regarding material. Typically, outdoor industrial enclosures are manufactured from steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Many factors come into play when determining the best metal for the application; i.e. exposure to corrosive elements, weight, heat dissipation, ruggedness and/or security and cost, to name a few. Each material choice may have strengths in one or more of these areas.


With 20 years of innovation, design and application experience, our staff has the knowledge, expertise and flexibility to design and fabricate an electrical enclosure that will meet your exact performance requirements. Bison ProFab's flexible manufacturing environment is geared for responsiveness to unique metal requirements and finish needs and is staffed by enclosure professionals ready to recommend cost-effective solutions. The result is a greater freedom to match your product’s attributes to environmental challenges, without sacrificing the assured quality Bison is famous for.

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